Other Mammals

Other Mammals classed as pest include (but not limited to) 

  • Rabbits
  • Moles
  • Foxes 

More details on each species is listed below.


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Rabbits can cause damage to crops, property and infrastructure - effecting businesses and home - particularly if you're subject to the huge appetites and 'vigorous' breeding habits. 


Rabbits are sexually mature at around 4 months and can produce 5 litters of an average of 5 young per year, 25 rabbits a year from each Doe - it's easy to see how their populations can explode out of control if not controlled!


There are a number of issues that over population of rabbits can cause, these include cause ground to become weak and unstable, loss and damage to crops, damage amenity grassland (golf courses, parks etc) and tree bark damage.


S K Pest Control offer a range of methods for control, normally our experienced technicians will select a combination of methods. These methods include -

  • Trapping
  • Gassing
  • Ferreting/Terrier work
  • Shooting (including 'lamping')
  • Rabbit Proofing


The European Mole is rarely seen above ground, but the first sign of activity - molehills - can quickly ruin the aesthetics of gardens, add an element of danger to sports fields and playing fields as well as uprooting crops.


The underground tunnels will also damage root systems of plants and well and uncover stones and other debris that could damage farm and garden machinery.


Moles are generally solitary, though territories may overlap. 2 acres of molehills can be cause by a single mole!


While it is very difficult to prevent moles accessing new areas (normally drawn by a new food source or the need to find a new territory) there are several human methods of removing the problem

  • Gassing - several well placed tablets instantly fill the moles burrows with a gas, causing the target animal to quickly drift away. The method we use leave no residual toxins and leave the site perfectly safe within minutes. 
  • Trapping - S K Pest Control will visit your location to evaluate, if gassing isn't the most suitable option we will suggest traps. Typically we'd set up to 5 traps per burrow.


Foxes cause more divided opinion than any other pest, but the fact remains that they are becoming more and more of a nuisance - especially in urban areas.


Foxes are expert scavengers, and although mainly carnivorous eating almost anything from berries, to rats to discarded takeaways!


There are several clues that you may have a fox issue -

  • Foxes are messy - often leaving food debris over a wide are
  • Strong smelling droppings and sprayings
  • 'Barking' and crying noises at night

Foxes are carriers of mange which can be easily passed onto domestic dogs.


If you think you have a fox problem S K Pest Control have a several methods of eradicating the issue.


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